About Me

Hi, welcome to my art world! I'm Shmueli Bell and my life is all about creation. I have been drawing digitally and animating ever since I was a kid growing up in Leeds, England.

Today I am a graphic designer, having developed websites, illustrations, murals, book covers, album covers, animation, videos, branding, and product and packaging design. I find that the more beautiful and straightforward the design, the more likely the audience will appreciate the product within.

My artwork is handmade, created with a digital tablet, and my paintings are now displayed on over 10,000 walls around the world as well as in exhibitions, festivals and on album art. You can buy apparel and prints here.

When I’m not designing for technology companies, music festivals, or agricultural organizations, I’m  walking through nature, gardening, playing the flute beside a crackling fire, fashioning mud figurines, or painting digitally just for fun.  

I offer the following services:
Design (web, print, package and product)
• Branding
• Illustration (album art, book covers, game design)
• Video editing
• Animation
• Website design and development (WIX & Webflow is my specialty)